What is Le MOOC?

Le MOOC is a workshop that will take place, tentatively, over one day in May or June 2013, in Paris.

This event will be open to national and international experiences, points of view, initiatives... and we hope to invite speakers from abroad, notably from the USA.

Call for participants

Over the last months, we have seen emerging a new acronym, MOOC, leading by the way to bad puns in French. But, what is a MOOC? MOOC means “massive open online course”. It consists in the distribution of open courses to a huge number of students (thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands), in the organization of interactions between students and teachers and also between students themselves via social networks.

MOOC appeared in the US with a phenomenal roll-out and is rapidly crossing the Atlantic Sea. In 2012, two start-ups, Udacity and Coursera have been created, raising millions of dollars from investors and attracting more than 1 million students. Harvard and MIT have launched edX, a non-profit venture offering courses from Ivy League universities.

At a first glance, MOOC seem to be in the “open” spirit and the GT LL (Free & Open Source Software Working Group) of the Systematic cluster organizes a workshop in May 2013 with the goals to debate the following questions:

  • How big is / will be the MOOC market?
  • What are the business models?
  • Could it help new economic players emerge ?

  • What is really new compared to good old university lectures available online?

  • Is MOOC revolutionary? Will it modify strongly education?
  • How to realize a "good" course?
  • How a teacher will interact with students?
  • Which qualification at the end of the course? How to make it be credible if based on online tests?

  • What are the real innovations? What are the real new technologies behind MOOC?

  • What are the technological weaknesses / lacks at this time?
  • What is really open?

And of course, what are the opportunites to build collaborative projects proposal on subjects relative to MOOC.

Are you interested?

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Tentative schedule

The workshop will be organized in four parts covering the different dimensions of MOOC :

  • Business (2-3 speakers * 30 min = 1:00 à 1:30)
  • Educational and social aspects (2-3 speakers * 30 min = 1:00 à 1:30))
  • Technological aspects (2-3 speakers * 30 min = 1:00 à 1:30)
  • Feedback from past and current experiments (2-3 speakers * 30 min = 1:00 à 1:30)


Université Paris Diderot

Bâtiment Sophie-Germain - Amphithéâtre Turing
8 place FM/13 (en cours de nomination)
75013 Paris

Entrée au croisement de l'av. de France et de la rue Alice-Domon et Léonie-Duquet .

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